• Product Name: 14.6M Aluminum Full-load Van Semi Trailer
  • Product Number: E1
  • On Time: 2014-12-22

1.Complete industrial chain:patent and reliable SN350 aluminum material,stable and once-forming extruded H-beam.

2.New model:all aluminum van and floor board,unique in china.

3.Easy operation:removable roof.one person is needed for operation.easy loading and unloading.high efficiency.

4.Large capacity:full-load body design.lower loading board by 140mm.larger container capactiy by 5m³。

5.Light tare weight:all aluminum structure.3 tons lighter than all steel one.

6.High strength:high ability of anti-swelling box to allow forklift operation.

7.Safe and stable performance:all aluminum structure.lower barycenter.

8.Small wind resistance:diversion design.small wind resistance and fuel efficiency.

9.Easy maintenance:long service life without any anti-septic and anti-rust treatment.

10.Reliable quality:proved by 200,000km full-loaded test and anhui DingYuan poor road test.

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